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TonyBet Cookie Policy

The website uses cookies to provide its players with a better and more personalized user experience.

In this Cookies Policy page you will find all the necessary information on what cookies are, how they are used on the TonyBet website and how to manage their use.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file with a small amount of information sent from a website to your computer or any other device upon visiting. It is then sent back to the website on every subsequent visit. This is done in order for the website to recognize the device.

How Uses Cookies

We use cookies to enhance the user experience on the website as well as ensure that the website works properly. The cookies on our website are used for the following reasons (but are not limited to):

  1. To allow users to login to their TonyBet account;
  2. To allow users to manage their login preferences;
  3. To observe and gather information on all transactions made on the website in order to prevent fraud and ensure website security.

To make sure that our website operates properly we also use cookies for:

Functionality: cookies contain information on user preferences, such as preferred language, sort types, media settings, etc. They also allow us to provide you with a better user experience, for example by preventing the system from displaying the same message twice.

Tracking: cookies allow us to track the online sources through which the users have accessed the website.

Session Management: cookies play a vital part in website’s operations. Some of the most important functions on the website cannot be carried out without the use of cookies. They also manage session information and allow the users to navigate through the website.

Fraud Prevention: cookies also keep information which allows TonyBet to monitor and prevent fraudulent use of the website.

Managing Cookies

Should you decide you want to remove any cookies already existing on your computer or prevent them from getting stored on your computer in the future, you can do that by deleting the cookies already stored on your device and/or changing your browser’s privacy settings (this procedure may differ depending on the browser you are using). If you would like to get more information on how to disable cookies or change your privacy settings please visit Your browser's 'help' function should also tell you how to do this.

Please note that deleting our cookies or disabling our future cookies means that you may not be able to access certain areas or features of the TonyBet website. For example, if your browser is set to disable 'session' cookies you won't be able to login to your TonyBet account.

You can find more details on how TonyBet protects your privacy in our Security page.